about us


Dan & Balzy  welcome you with open arms to Hooker & Eight - Gloucester’s only independent sit-down pizza joint.

Dan and Balz are childhood school friends who played local youth rugby together for many years. It was one cold Christmas night at the Old Elm in Churchdown in 2014 where a very important was asked….”Why isn’t there a proper deece pizza place in Gloucester (and other than the pubs) why ‘ent there deece places to go to before the rugby!!”

It was one that couldn’t be answered for a few years and almost remained a drunken pipe-dream so often talked about but never progressed. Balz was too busy playing amongst the grass and Dan waiting for the snow to fall!

4 years it remained a dream. Until 2018, when the building 49 Westgate Street became available and was snapped up by our incredible landlords Anne + Toby Wooldridge, the owners of locally famous Peppers Cafe.

A call was made. Did we have enough money to set up- probably not? Have we had any experience running a business? Absolutely not.

Well, f**k it. You only live once. Let's give it a go!!

Other than the lack of money and experience the only other problem was the site was the music shop SoundHouse and it needed a lot of work to get ready.


99% of what you see in the restaurant has been-up cycled or sourced second hand with most of the cosmetic work, painting, sanding and woodwork being done by Dan, Balzy, Toby,  Balzy’s mum and very rarely, Balzy’s Dad. We found many bargains online but we could not have done this without the extra support from Anne and Toby.

Hold tight Stu, Old Stu, Digz, Little Venn, Graeme, Nick Cook and (add all other tradespeople for the professional work we needed doing)

It took the best part of a year and genuine blood, sweat and tears to get the restaurant ready for the city of Gloucester to enjoy and on 11th October 2019, future Gloucester Captain Lewis Ludlow, came in the evening to officially open Hooker & Eight. A homage to Gloucester rugby and a pizza joint that caters to Gloucester tastes. We don't try to pretend to be something we are not!

The result, we hope, is a chilled, warm  and inviting 30 seater restaurant with top grade pizza and the best eclectic beats blasted out all day.

Gloucester match days are extra special at the restaurant. Everyone wearing their cherry & white, proud and tall. A buzz similar to the Shed - you will need to book in advance on these days!!!

Our team mantra is for you to have the best time when you are in our company.

We offer great selection of premium continental beers, local ales, ciders and soft drinks.  The most banging pizzas showcasing the best Gloucester and Gloucestershire has to offer. 90% of our ingredients are supplied from Gloucestershire based companies.

It is likely that always one of Dan and Balzy will be working when you visit (quite often both if not out with the Openside mobile pizza wagon) - we love chatting and getting to know our supporters so please bend our ear when you come in!

Much love

Dan & Balzy

Hooker & Eight.